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RoboForm Review 2022: RoboForm is the oldest password manager out there and, after twenty years, remains a strong competitor in the market.

RoboForm’s annual subscription price has increased to $24/year from $20/year since our last review, but other password managers have also raised their prices. RoboForm is still one of the most affordable paid options among the top password manager

RoboForm’s standalone desktop app is still a bad experience, but the website interface and mobile apps have been significantly redesigned to give the service a more modern look. RoboForm is still a leader in form-filling.

RoboForm Review 2022


What is RoboForm?

RoboForm works just like any modern password manager. It competes directly with sites such as LastPass Premium or Dashlane and offers the same secure password services.

This Roboform is not unique or interesting and performs similarly to other password managers like KeePass.

This software includes almost all functions, including audit reports, secure password sharing, autofill, and password sharing.

Other than the features mentioned, there isn’t much else.

So the comment “neither interesting nor dull” is a good one.

What caught my eye was the simple interface and the low rate.

It also saves your passwords and data so that you can find the right login credentials in seconds.

This RoboForm Review 2022 will examine a few reasons you should (or should not) invest in RoboForm.

RoboForm Review 2022 Features

RoboForm stores passwords on its servers. This allows RoboForm to sync multiple devices, share passwords, and allow remote vault access. It is therefore essential that its servers are protected using the most secure encryption algorithms. RoboForm protects user data with local and extended 256-bit AES encryption, which is the same level of encryption used worldwide by many banks and militaries.

All your data is encrypted locally using RoboForm’s master password. Then it is sent to RoboForm’s servers. End-to-end encryption is used for password sharing. This means that only the sender (or intended recipient) has the “key” for decrypting the data. Your data will remain secure even if RoboForm’s servers were compromised or if there is a government subpoena.

RoboForm offers most of the features that I would expect from a high-quality password manager.

Password Vault

RoboForm’s password vault can be accessed via its web app, desktop app, browser extension, and mobile apps.

RoboForm can store logins and passwords as well as website bookmarks, safe notes and identities. This is due to the extensive detail available in the “Identities” section. This includes all personal information such as IDs, bank accounts, and credit cards.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA increases security by requiring that you provide additional verification in addition to your master password before you can access the vault.

RoboForm provides 2FA via email, mobile or using a 2FA app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. The temporary password becomes invalid after about 30-60 seconds. This prevents hackers from remotely accessing your password vault by ensuring that only users with physical access to your device are able to log in to your account.

RoboForm was easy to sync with Google Authenticator during my testing – after scanning the QR code, RoboForm and Google Authenticator were synced, I was able log in to my vault using the one-time passwords generated by Google Authenticator.

Password Generator

RoboForm’s Password Generator helps users create strong and unique passwords.

RoboForm defaults to generating passwords of 16 characters. They exclude similar characters and include a mixture of uppercase and lowcase letters, numbers and symbols.

You can easily change the character count (upto 512 characters), the character type and more right from the generator.

Security Center

RoboForm’s password auditor is the Security Center. It examines each password in the password vault, and provides an overall security score.

  • Number of passwords that have been compromised.
  • There are many passwords that have been used over and over again.
  • Each password should be strong.

Emergency Access

RoboForm allows you to designate a trusted contact to access your password vault in an emergency. This can be used for account recovery or incapacitation.

This feature is not available to users who have opted for a paid plan. Password Boss offers this feature in its free plan. However, it is one of very few password managers to offer emergency access. LastPass or Keeper do not offer it on their free plans. The Free plan will suffice for recipients. However, your chosen trusted contact must have a RoboForm Account.

Application Passwords

RoboForm can save passwords not only for web logins but it also has the ability to save passwords to apps on your computer and mobile devices.

RoboForm opened automatically when I logged in to my iTunes account from my desktop. It offered to save my password.

Secure Sharing

RoboForm lets you share passwords and secure notes with anyone who uses RoboForm.

RoboForm’s sharing folders are a great feature. RoboForm’s shared folders are a great feature. You can share unlimited items with multiple users, but only 2 can be created at a time. 1Password has a great shared vault feature that allows you to create unlimited shared vaults. Despite this, most password managers, including Dashlane, don’t provide any shared folder options. RoboForm offers them.

RoboForm allows you to choose between 3 permission settings when inviting recipients to your shared folder.

  • Only Login. The recipient cannot view, edit or share passwords or any other data.
  • Read and Write. Both the recipient and sender can view and make changes to the shared folder. All recipients will receive the updated files.
  • Full control. A recipient can view and modify items as well as alter permission levels and add or subtract other recipients (including the original sender).

Automated Form Filling

RoboForm began as a form-filling tool and then moved to password management. RoboForm’s web-form-filling capabilities are some of the best on the market.

RoboForm provides 7 templates for form-filling. You can also customize your template. These are some of the options available:

  • Person
  • Business
  • Passport
  • Address
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Account
  • Car
  • Custom

First, choose your country to create an identity. The forms will then be automatically adjusted to match the format and details of the documents. This allows for a high level of customization

Bookmark Storage

RoboForm’s Bookmarks feature works in the same way as a web browser bookmark but saves bookmarks to any RoboForm-enabled device.

Bookmarks can be added directly to a webpage by using the browser extension, or via RoboForm’s mobile app and web apps.


Although creating an account is easy , the process of installing it could be easier. RoboForm installs three apps simultaneously in its executable file. RoboForm Editor is the desktop program, RoboForm tray icon and RoboForm web client shortcut. RoboForm’s browser extensions are required to allow these apps to function properly. This can make things confusing, especially as RoboForm Editor has stopped being updated. The good news is that the software instantly evaluates your master password, and will require secondary confirmation via an email code.

RoboForm is able to import data from most of the top password managers available, including LastPass, Sticky Password and Sticky Password. The app creates folders automatically for imported passwords from data fetched from rivals. Although browser credentials are not stored in folders, they are still easily found because they are automatically placed in RoboForms default data categories.


RoboForm has the lowest prices on the market. The forever version is completely free and provides all necessary to manage your credentials in an environment that is safe. It’s still a limited version and you can unlock additional benefits like auto-syncing and emergency access . This price applies only to those who sign up for a 5-year contract. Annual subscriptions cost $1.99 per month and come with a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try all the additional features for free.

RoboForm Review 2022 Pros

#1. RoboForm is easy to use. You can just get through the functions quickly without any technical knowledge.

After you log in to your account, the dashboard looks great with lots of white space. This is the heart of the software.

It’s easy to do what RoboForm is known for: save passwords, sensitive data.

You can also work with other aspects, such as generating a password or doing an audit report, just a few clicks away.

You’ll never feel lost and can always refer to the help centre for assistance with its operation.

#2. RoboForm is dedicated to protecting your data.

To encrypt your data, they use industry-standard AES256bit encryption. They then add PBKDF2 SHA256 to it.

This double-layer protection is available against online and brute force attacks. The two-factor authentication provides extra security and prevents unwelcome actions.

This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to gain access to your vault.

#3. Modern password managers are able to automatically fill out web forms. RoboForm’s ability to handle small details and nuisances is what really makes them stand out.

RoboForm does the work automatically when you sign up for a new platform or service.

The same applies when you fill out a web form, or enter your payment information while shopping online.

It automatically fills out the web form when you return to that page in the future and logs in your details.


The second half of the document will provide information about your current password strength or status.

You’d be pleased to learn that RoboForm also does a great job in this area.

They use the open-source zxcvbn to calculate your password strength.This robust tool counts not only the basic components of a password but also takes into account dictionary entries, common names, as well as other bad passwords commonly used and their variations.

You have two options: either get automatic reports, or manually check your passwords using the password checker.

What’s more?

RoboForm’s password generator tool will suggest random passwords to replace your current passwords if they seem weak or outdated. You can choose the secure password suggested by the password generator. RoboForm does all the hard work of remembering them.

#5. RoboForm password sharing is easy. You don’t have to create a shared folder or invite others for access.

RoboForm, on the other hand, is very easy to use. You can simply enter the user’s email address and then send them a password/folder in seconds. This feature allows for secure sharing of data without having to reveal the actual data.

It also allows you to grant access in an emergency to a trusted contact or as a means of recovering your account.


The software is compatible with every mobile device, including desktops and smartphones, on Windows, Mac and iOS. Roboform Desktop App is available for Windows and Mac. This web browser extension is compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (previously internet Explorer). This browser extension can be used as a formfill and allows you to securely access your usernames, passwords.

The best part?

Single-user license holders have access to most of their data offline with no restrictions.

RoboForm Review 2022 Cons

#1. Although it isn’t a major issue for most users, RoboForm would be a complete package if developers introduced multi-factor authentication.

Although the security arrangements currently in place are excellent, multi-factor authentication would provide an additional layer of protection to the RoboForm vault.

This program works flawlessly, barring this tiny glitch.

RoboForm Review 2022 Conclusion?

Yes, RoboForm is recommended to everyone. It is easy to use the desktop app with any computer-based tool. It is easy to use the web browser extensions online for automatic filling of usernames or passwords. You can access your passwords and usernames from anywhere with the mobile apps for Android and iOs.

This password manager tool is very useful, except for the multifactor authentication glitch.

It doesn’t offer anything new out of the box but it does provide many features.

You can’t get more for just two dollars a month. This is a great deal. If You have any questions about RoboForm Review 2022 you can ask us from the comment section given below.

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