Hulu Review 2022: Why Hulu is a Great OTT Service for Cord Cutters

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Hulu Review 2022: Hulu’s online library includes some of the most loved TV shows and movies. They have a wide range of originals and classic favorites that has earned them a place among the top streaming services.

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services. Hulu, one of Netflix’s oldest competitors is a streaming service with a large selection of TV shows and movies on demand. Hulu also has a huge slate of originals which can be compared to the famous lineups on HBO Max and Netflix.

Hulu Review 2022


What is Hulu?

Hulu was a pioneer in the TV streaming space. Hulu was initially founded as a joint venture by News Corporation and NBC Universal in 2007. Comcast and The Walt Disney Company were among the companies that joined Hulu. In 2019, Disney assumed operational control. With more than 32 millions subscribers, Hulu has remained one of the most loved video services.

Hulu is available in two different flavors. Base subscriptions include on-demand content, a large library of TV shows and original Hulu content. The library is $5.99 per month and contains advertisements. Hulu + Live TV is another subscription option. It includes access to a range of live TV channels that allow you to watch sports and news in real-time. The subscription is $54.99 per month and gives you access to the on demand library. For $6 more per month, you can upgrade to include ad-free access to the on-demand content.

Hulu Pricing?

Hulu’s price will vary depending on which plan you choose. Hulu currently offers 2 plans. $7/mo for the ad-supported plan. The No Ads plan costs $13/mo. You’ll save $14 if you opt for the yearly ad supported plan. Hulu offers frequent promotions to existing and new subscribers.

The promotion offered an ad-supported plan for college students at $2/mo. The Hulu and Disney+ bundles can be purchased for $14/mo. or the no-ads bundle at $20/mo.

Hulu also offers live TV that allows you to tune in to channels not included in your cable package. This option is available at an additional charge. Hulu + Live TV is available in two plans. The ad-supported Hulu + Live TV plan will cost $70/mo. The Hulu (No ads) + Live TV plan costs $76/mo.

Both plans include Disney+ and ESPN+. These plans also come with unlimited DVR storage. To further customize your subscription, you can add ons such as unlimited screens or the Espanol addon.

Hulu Pros & Cons

  • Extremely affordable
  • Amazing original content
  • Some shows have recently aired new episodes
  • Can be combined with Disney+ or ESPN+
  • Ads are included in the basic plan
  • A smaller library than some of its pricier counterparts

Hulu Features

Cloud DVR

Hulu offers cloud DVR space but you won’t have to worry about it with regular Hulu subscriptions. It’s only applicable if you subscribe to Hulu + Live TV. These plans offer unlimited DVR space which is appealing.

Simultaneous Streams

Hulu allows simultaneous streaming on up to two screens when you have the regular plan. This is not a problem if you have a small family or just one person. This could be a problem if you share a subscription with roommates or family members. Hulu + Live TV subscriptions are limited to one screen.


A regular Hulu subscription doesn’t offer much in the way sports content. You need a Hulu + Live TV subscribe to get that. Hulu doesn’t offer much in the way of ESPN+ content. You can still get the Hulu and Disney+ bundles for ESPN+. There are no live action, but you will find documentaries, movies and TV shows about or about sports.

Offline Downloads

Hulu allows you download content to view online. However, this is only possible if you are a Hulu + Live TV or Hulu No Ads subscriber. The streamer won’t let you download ads because they don’t allow you to download them. To download the content, you will need a compatible mobile device with Hulu.


Hulu is one the most user-friendly streaming service. Hulu subscribers can create up to six user profiles, keep track of what you are watching, and view the same content on as many screens. Hulu regularly updates each user profile with new recommendations for Hulu subscribers to watch based upon what they have streamed so far. This makes it easy to find the next binge.


Hulu’s vast library of content has been broken down into smaller categories by network, genre, or other criteria. You can search the Hulu search engine for romance to find a new romantic comedy to watch while you indulge in an ice cream cone. Sometimes, genres are featured on your homepage when you log in to your account. Hulu usually features a section that contains essential Black movies and shows for streaming during Black History Month.

Parental Controls

You can also set limits and blocks on what your children or young users can watch. You can do this by creating a user profile for each member of your family, then designating them as a child when asked. Hulu will automatically block any content that is considered mature from the user. This includes anything with a TV-MA or R-rated film.

Hulu Review 2022 Verdict

Hulu is slowly rising to the top of the streaming service market. Hulu is cheaper than Netflix. This makes it easier to combine Hulu with other streaming services or to increase your budget. Hulu offers more value for money than Netflix, with few advantages such as the simpler organization of Hulu’s menus and the attractive discount that bundles Hulu with Disney Plus or ESPN Plus.

Hulu, a former “little brother”, has a lot of appeal and it seems that the service is only getting better. Hulu is a veteran of the streaming service and doesn’t feel like an imitator or newcomer. It’s one the most expensive streaming services you can purchase.

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